1. Website owner

Company name: Miquel y Costas & Miquel, S.A. (hereafter MCM)
Registered office: Tuset 8-10, 7ª Planta, 08006 Barcelona (Spain).
Companies Register: Volume 46558, Folio 117, Page B-85067, Entry 349
Tax code: A-08020729
Tel. +34 93 290 61 00

2. Content and access to the Website

These Terms of Use regulate access to and use of the Website which MCM has made available to internet users.

Upon accessing the Website, you unconditionally accept these Terms of Use. In addition, MCM may offer services via the Website that are governed by specific terms and conditions, which you will be informed of in each particular case.

MCM reserves all rights not explicitly stipulated in these Terms of Use.

3. Correct use of the Website

You agree to use the Website, content and services in accordance with the law, the present Terms of Use, generally accepted practices and rules of orderly conduct. You also agree to refrain from using the Website, its content or the services offered via this site for purposes that are unlawful or contrary to these Terms of Use, that impinge on the rights or interests of third parties, or that may damage, deteriorate or render the Website, its content or its services useless or prevent others from using the Website as intended.

You therefore agree to access and use the Website in accordance with the stipulations of these Terms of Use.

You may access the available content, materials and information for your own private, personal use, but you may not subsequently distribute, publish, publicly display or use them to prepare derivative works or facilitate such activities in any way. The available content, materials and information are not intended to be used in decision-making processes.

Furthermore, you expressly agree not to destroy, alter, render useless or otherwise damage the data, software or electronic documents found on the Website, and not to prevent other users from accessing the Website by overloading the computer resources that MCM uses to provide its services, and to refrain from engaging in actions that may damage, disrupt or generate errors in said systems or services.

You likewise agree not to upload any programs, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logic bombs or sequences of characters that cause or may cause any kind of alteration in the IT systems of MCM or of third parties.

The documents and graphics published on this server may contain technical errors and typos. Changes are periodically made to the available information. MCM and/or its respective supplier may make improvements and/or changes to the product(s) and/or software at any time. MCM may also modify these Terms of Use at any time without warning, and we therefore recommend that you review them periodically.

You agree not to use the Website to store or share content that infringes the law or generally accepted standards of public order and decency, or that is derogatory, aggressive, obscene, sexually explicit, offensive, violent or inciting violence, racist or xenophobic, or in general anything illegal or which may infringe the rights and/or constitute an attack on the physical and/or moral integrity of individuals.

You agree not to divulge the personal data of other users or any third parties without their express prior consent.

You agree not to defame, abuse, bother, harass, threaten or otherwise impinge on the rights of other users or any other person.

You agree not to eliminate or try to suppress any of the security measures adopted and implemented on the Website.

You agree to abide by the laws in force.

4. Website access and passwords

In general, you do not have to subscribe or register in order to access and use the Website; however, certain services or content may require a subscription or registration. Please review our Privacy Policy before registering.

5. Links to third-party sites

These Terms of Use refer solely to the MCM Website and content and do not apply to the third-party links or websites accessible via the Website.

MCM has no control over external linked pages and therefore takes no responsibility for the content of any linked sites, or any link posted on a site reached via the Website, or any changes or updates to said sites.

6. Industrial and intellectual property

All the content made available on the MCM Website is protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.

Allowing you to access, browse, use, store and/or download content, materials and information from the Website shall in no case be construed as a partial or total waiver or conveyance of the rights of MCM or the owner of such rights. You are entitled to use these intellectual and industrial property rights for the sole purpose of accessing the content, materials and information offered via the Website.

Consequently, you may not eliminate, evade or manipulate the copyright notice or any other information identifying the rights of MCM or other holders incorporated in the Website content, or the technical security devices or any information and/or identification mechanisms contained therein.

Specifically, you are strictly forbidden from including part or all of the Website’s content on other websites without the prior written consent of MCM, and from reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, combining, copying, using, divulging, selling or transferring the Website’s underlying software, unless you have first obtained written consent from MCM or are permitted to do so under applicable law.

References to commercial names and trademarks, logos or other distinctive signs, registered or not, whether owned by MCM or by third parties, implicitly prohibit their use without the consent of MCM or their legitimate owners. Unless expressly stated otherwise, your access to or use of the Website and/or its content, materials and information does not give you any rights over the trademarks, logos and/or distinctive signs included therein and protected by law.

All intellectual and industrial property rights are reserved, and you are specifically prohibited from modifying, copying, reusing, exploiting, reproducing, transforming, publicly conveying, republishing, uploading files, emailing, transmitting, using, processing or distributing in any way the content of the Website, in part or in whole, for public or commercial purposes without first obtaining the express written consent of MCM or the holder of the rights in question.

You will hold MCM and any of its third-party licensors harmless from any potential claims filed by third parties whose intellectual and/or industrial property rights have been violated by your use of this content.

7. Liability

MCM will only be liable to the extent stipulated by the laws in force at any given time.

MCM will make every effort to provide updated information on its products and services; however, it cannot guarantee the reliability, utility or accuracy of the information offered via the Website. Consequently, MCM makes no guarantees and cannot be held liable for: (i) discontinuity in the Website’s content, materials and information; (ii) errors in said content; (iii) viruses and/or other harmful components on the Website or its server; (iv) the vulnerability of the Website and/or potential breaches in its security measures; (v) the lack of usefulness or performance of the Website’s content, materials and information; and (vi) any damage or harm you or third party may suffer as a result of your violation of the terms, rules and instructions that MCM establishes on the Website, or as a result of an breach of the Website’s security systems.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, MCM states that it has taken all necessary measures, within its possibilities and considering the current state of technology, to ensure that the Website functions properly and to prevent the existence and transmission of viruses and other harmful components to users.

8. Duration

These terms will apply indefinitely.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, MCM reserves the right to modify their content at any time without warning, and it is your responsibility to periodically review them.

9. Governing law and jurisdiction

This Website is governed by Spanish law. You and MCM agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Barcelona, Spain, expressly waiving the right to appeal to any other judicial authority. This clause will not apply if you are an end consumer, in which case the applicable jurisdiction is your place of residence.

In the event of a breach of these terms, or any inappropriate use of the Website, MCM will prosecute the offender to the fullest extent of the law, initiating any and all civil and criminal actions it deems fit.

Date of creation: May 2021